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Six panel comic. Panel one shows a stick woman reading a book, sitting in a comfy chair in a house with her feet kicked up. From another room outside of the panel, are sounds of a struggle, crash, boom, and bang. Panel two shows the woman still reading her book while sounds of struggle continue to come from off-panel, smash, wham, splat. Panel three shows the woman still reading her book as, from off-panel, the word Victory is yelled. Panel four shows the woman still reading her book and a man standing in front of her saying, In conquering my foe I have held - in these very hands - dripping blood, exploded guts, torn muscle and sinew, brains, crushed bones, and the dying beats of a heart. Panel five shows the woman and the man in the same places. The woman asks, So you finally got that fly, and the man responding, Yeah. Panel six shows the fly still flying around.


Caveat Lector