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Think Outside the Box

Six panel cartoon. Panel one shows the sideview of a boss and an employee sitting across from each other in the boss' office. The employee is being evaluated. The boss says, You know, Harold...the employee interrupts the boss to say, Herbie...and the boss continues on as if not hearing or caring about Herbie's real name saying, If you want to succeed at this company,. Panel two shows a top down view of the boss and the employee still sitting across from each other. The room is square. The desk is rectangular. The book case is rectangular., and the boss continuing on, You're going to have to learn,. Panel three is a top down view of the entire company floor. The boss' office is a square. The cubicles are all squares. The entire floor is a rectangle.. The boss and the employee are still sitting opposite each other. The boss continues talking. saying, To think outside of,. Panel four shows the company building from outside. The building is a rectangle. The boss continues talking, saying, The box. panel five shows a sideview of the boss and the employee in the boss' office again. The boss and the employee are quietly staring at each other. Panel six still shows a sideview of the boss' office. Herbie has gotten up and is starting to peel up the edges of the comic, which are also rectangular. The boss is yelling for security.


Caveat Lector