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Subarus Azzurros

why so blue, subaru?
ya got nothin' to do?
sittin' there in the sun
while they're out havin' fun
in the sea and the sand
while you three just stand
parked facin' a bland

y'all lie there in wait
hours seven or eight
resigned to your fate
which cannot be great
ne'er knowin' just when
they'll drive you again
and pull you from zen

of what do you think
while they're sippin' their drink
do you dream you can blink
or just give a wink
do you think big thoughts
world peace with low cost
help souls who're lost
and alone?

do you like your blue friends
are ya buds to the end
your spare tire you'll lend
nothin' you'll not extend
or ya hate bein' parked
all your feels just stark
mere feet from that dark
group o' cars?

or's the ganja i had
last night just gone bad
and left me off sad
thinkin' thoughts myriad
perhaps you're just cars
sittin' out on the tar
and my thoughts are just far
and silly.

caveat lector